Why-Taare & Sitare


1.We supply only real and natural GIA/IGI Certified diamonds & jewelry/jewellry from syndicate mines only for good life long lustre. 2.Majority of the diamonds in the market are (a) Mamade(CVD) without resale or astrological value which cannot be detected even by an expert jeweler/jeweller. Only most sophisticated technology scanners can detect and such very costly scanners are available only in Mumbai with Gem and jewelry/jewellery Expert Promotion Council(GJEPC) central government institute and few other prestigious labs. (b) OR they are of Zimbabwe mines origin-diamonds from such mines has less luster initially also and the luster goes on reducing in future.
Secondary we source our real or natural diamonds only from (DTC sightholders) and they are also the vendors to world's top diamond jewelry/jewellery brand for real and natural diamonds. We source real and natural diamonds from Bharat diamond bourse, Bandra Kurla Complex- BKC, Mumbai, the biggest diamond bourse of the world.

Thirdly one very important point to note is, why India's famous diamond jewellery/jewelry lab ie. IGI has stopped writing "natural diamonds" on jewelry/jewellery certificate since last few years, as nowadays they mention only "diamonds", on there jewelry/jewellery certificate.So nowadays even manmade CVD diamond jewelry/jewellery is getting certified as "diamonds", without any resale nor astrological value, please try to understand the reason.So one has to take precaution against supply of manmade(CVD) without resale or astrological value & Zimbabwe mines (present lustre is less and goes on reducing) diamonds. Therefore good institute certification + authentic /RELIABLE supplier is of utmost importance.


As we are Mumbai based,manufacturer,exporter,importer,wholesalers which is the diamond capital of the world, as 90% of the world's diamonds are traded in Mumbai,accordingly we also source all over real and natural diamond requirement from Bharat diamond bourse,Bandra Kurla Complex- BKC,Mumbai,the biggest diamond bourse of the world,Since 1999 we are supplying real and natural diamonds and jewelry/jewellery to many small and big showrooms all over India .There for we are able to source real and natural diamonds at very reasonable prices. 2.Instead of spending on any type of advertisements,such as TV commercials,outdoor hoardings,print media etc., we only spend on low cost digital E-marketting through Internet. 3. No heavy overheads expenditure of big showrooms such as huge rent, electricity, salaries, insurance etc. 4. No bank/market or venture capital borrowings, so no addition to costings due to interest/ dividend. 5.Our prices are based on internationally recognized wholesale price list ie.RAPAPORT less discount /RAPNET price + commission % depending upon business volume in last one year. In short due to above reasons, benefits and as we supply directly from factory to consumers hence we are cheaper/reasonable by at 20-30% as compared to other big branded showrooms/online.


We have diamonds in all caratage from 1 cent to 25 carat single piece real and natural diamond in white and all real and natural colours such as fancy Yellow, Pink , Blue,Champagne,etc. in all shapes /cuts such as Brilliant Round, Princess, Emerald, Radiant , Cushion ,Trilliants, Heart,etc. we also manufacture real and natural diamond jewelry/jewellery in all Precious Metals such as Platinum, 9k/14k/18/ Gold and also in Patented Silver Alloy [ similar to white gold ] @ only 2% of gold value.

Payment Option and Savings

For Jeweller/jeweler: We can give credit again cheque+KYC(Know Your Consumer)+Reference for Consumer. For Consumer: 1.EMI. 2.All credit/debit cards. 3.Net Banking-All banks.


We supply to big and small showrooms all over India since 1999 and also export through our associate firms to many countries.In our B2C division we are made proper logistic arrangments to give door delivery to consumer all over the world.

Earn from us

Most easy way to earn-Refer a friend or a relative and get diamonds/jewelry/jewellery free.
if any of friend / relative,friend's/relative's family member getting engaged or married or celebrating birthday, anniversary , please let us know, we will follow up with them and you get free diamond jewellery/jewelry [t N Cc apply]. Dear potential franchisee, if you have a jewellery/jewelry or any showroom space in good locality in any city of India , we can appoint you a our exclusive franchisee or if you have some space in your showroom where there is good walk in customers who may have marriage in family such as wedding saree shop. then we can appoint you as our franchisee. in our latest technology digital E-marketing system ,one has to invest only about 10% of investment that is required by similar size diamond jewellery/jewelry showroom. you have to invest in interiors ,comuters etc, and jewellery/jewelry we will provide you with buyback guarentee. tag if you have good social contact you can start your own diamond and jewellery/jewelry business without investment, what you require is just a laptop/ tablet and earn attractive commissions .

REAL & NATURAL diamonds buyers or gold jewellers/jewelers interested to start real and natural business without investment Do GIA /IGI certified diamonds & jewellery/jewelry business without INCOME TAX or EXCISE/GST tension. Apply if you are:
1.Web developer.
2.SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Experts.
3.SMM(Social Media Marketing) Experts.
4.Jewellery/jewelry Designer. 5.Diamond Assorter. 6.Experience show room salesman or if you have done any marketing course, you can market our products with your city jewellers/jewelers or wedding related businesses such as wedding saree shops etc.For all the cities/districts of India.